About Silver Sage Wellness

At Silver Sage Wellness, we believe if you transform your body...you transform your life !  Silver Sage and La Jolla Wellness will help you design a healthy blueprint so that you can live a full life of inner health and outer beauty....

About La Jolla Wellness Studio

Located in downtown La Jolla down the block from the La Jolla Yoga Center-the
La Jolla Wellness Studio is a full service wellness and personal fitness studio that hosts some of the most effective and efficient machinery that the fitness world has to offer. 


 La Jolla Wellness incorporates the "ROM" machine which delivers a full body workout in 15 minutes more potent than a 90 minutes cardio session or a 60 minutes of strength training with weights.
La Jolla Wellness provides an individual body analysis, 3 step workout and nutritional counseling to help you achieve your overall health goals of living a healthier, happier life...


Contact Carolyn Boline for more information about La Jolla Wellness and  recieve  2 complimentary sessions and a body analysis.